July 22, 2007

ME??? { a Rockin' Girl Blogger? }

I'm not sure who dreams up all these fun little blog "awards", but it really is a neat way to recognize some of your favorite blogs and encourage others to visit them. I know that I've found some of my favorites this way.

Anyway, bless you Charmaine of "Oodabug Alley", and Angie of "Stampings of the Shug" for nominating ME as a "Rockin Girl Blogger"! I find it ironic, as I can't even dance. But, at least I can STAMP! :) hee hee

Now, I am supposed to nominate 5 of my favorite blogs, which I find extremely difficult to do as I have WAY more favorites than that! You can check out the long list of my favorite blogs on the left side of my home page and see them all. But, since the "rules" are to name five, I'll do just that:

  1. Jami ~ Crazy Daisy Creations (my sweet DIL - she's SO creative!)

  2. Michelle ~ Stamper's Dream (she is also my favorite eBay seller!)

  3. Erin ~ Erin K Creations (her creations are always SO FUN and I love her sense of humor!)

  4. Melissa ~ Stamping Through the Tulips (a SU demo with loads of talent!)

  5. Beth ~ Sunflowers & Dragonflies (a very talented artist that finds stampng "therapeutic"!)

And I really want to give an "Honorable Mention" to FLOSSIE. What a sweetheart! She visits my blog daily and leaves the nicest comments of encouragment. Flossie, I appreciate YOU so much and would love to know if you have your own blog or gallery somewhere. If so, please do let me know. Hugs, Pam :)


Sara Millis said...

Congratulations on your nomination... your blog looks fantastic and I love the cards too! Sara x

Sharon in NE said...

Flossie definitely deserves Honorable Mention!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Hi Pam:

I'm so sorry to be late with my thank-you, but it's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Thank you so much for nominating me. I was so excited, as you can imagine. Hugs,