June 07, 2015

More Pocket Letter FUN!

SEW Hello Hello! 

Today I want to share my latest pocket letter creation with a vintage sewing theme.  It was created especially for my pocket letter pal Phyllis.   I've used a combination of designer paper, computer generated images, paper piecing, tags, rubber stamping and more!   Check it out and please let me know what you think!

This is the front side. 
Did you notice all the stitching? 
I think it adds "sew" much!

You'll also notice that I put some of the "goodies" (baker's twine, washi tape, buttons) on the front side because I really liked how they blended in.    

Now, for the backside . . .  again, having sew much creative FUN that I couldn't stop myself!  lol

"Letter" is in upper right corner in it's own little envie.

This was our second pocket letter trade, so in place of the letter, I used an idea that I found in my Good Housekeeping magazine and tweaked it a little.  I typed up two pages (1/2 sheet 8.5 x 11 regular copy paper) with one "All About Me" that I filled out and sent to her and the other "All About YOU" that she is to fill in and send back to me with next pocket letter.

Getting 2 Know ME!

  • In my fridge, you’ll always find:
  • Favorite family recipe: (please send!)
  • Any siblings? 
  •  I’ll do anything to avoid: 
  •  I love to shop for: 
  •  I hate shopping for: 
  •  I just learned:
  •  My favorite place to be: 
  •  Stuff I can’t live without:
  •  Dog/Cat/Other: 
  •  Personal motto or mantra: 
  •  Anything else?  ;)
Obviously, this can be modified or added to in any way depending on how much you know each other or want to get to know.

Now, last but not least is the fun presentation of wrapping it all up to send.  I folded the pocket letter ever so carefully and wrapped it in an old McCall's pattern.   Then I took a vintage ladies handkerchief and folded it around and tied it up with baker's twine.  Tied up on top is clear stamp set with vintage sewing stamps (also wrapped in pattern tissue).  I finished it up by adding a stamped, stitched tag, some fancy leaf pins and put it all in a padded envelope to send via USPS First Class Mail.

Just a little side note on sending pocket letters...  I do believe they are supposed to fold up and fit nicely in a #10 business envelope and I know they would if we didn't get so carried with all the extra "embellishments" and "goodies".    The first two I've sent out, I've folded them up and used small padded envelope (9 x 7") and the postage was around $2.50 or so.   I received a pocket letter yesterday that was equally embellished and it was sent in a large manila envelope (9 x 13") for $1.64.   So, long story short, it may be cheaper to send them flat in large envelope, but please do wrap them up in tissue paper to protect and keep all the goodies tucked inside.

Don't you just *love* HAPPY MAIL?!   I sure do!   And creative happy mail is even better yet!

That's all for today.  I'll be back this week to show you the beautiful "love" themed pocket letter I recently received.

Have a wonderful day and be creative!

May 10, 2015

May Your Cup Always Be Half Full!

Just as promised, I am sooo happy to share another pocket letter today!  This gorgeous coffee themed PL was created for me by my new pocket letter pal and ATC trader Phyllis, also known as artchick501 at ATCs for All.com.

Look at this beautiful work of ART!   I have been staring in amazement of all her wonderful detail.   She has hand crocheted around several of the items which give it the warm and cozy feel that coffee deserves.   There are terrific quotes, pretty embellishments, chipboard words, humor and so much more!

 The flipside makes me giddy! . . .

Isn't it simply AWESOME?!  
 I *love* it and will treasure it as the very first pocket letter I've received.

Phyllis and I are thinking our next pocket letter trade will be a sewing theme.
Stay tuned!

Be Happy!   Be Creative! 

May 09, 2015

For the love of Pocket Letters!

Surprise! Surprise!
Yes, I'm back for the first time in over a year, 
surprised my blogger account was still active
and that I remembered the password to log on.  :)   

So, where have I been?   Just busy with life like all the rest of you and going in different directions.  My exciting news is that I'm a grandma for the second time!   Our first beautiful granddaughter,  Emery, is almost 4 and our precious new grandson, Rory, is already 5 mo old and growing like a weed!  Since we're in Nebraska and they live in Nevada, we don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like!   

I  still thoroughly enjoy spending free time in my craft room, but I haven't been participating in challenges or making as many greeting cards.   My Etsy Shop is basically on hold for now while I simply have FUN creating what I feel.

For the past year or so, I've been creating and trading Artist Trading Cards.  There are countless Facebook groups and websites that specialize in these little miniature works of art.    Just in case, there is someone out there that doesn't know what they are, here is the definition from Wikipedia:  
"Artist trading cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern trading cards baseball cards, or 212 by 31inches (64 mm × 89 mm), small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets."

One of my favorite Artist Trading Card sites is ATCs For All and it is through one of my trading friends there that I learned about Pocket Letters™.    She asked if I had heard of them and would like to trade with her.   Of course, I had to Google and Pinterest pocket letters and learned that it is a very new and popular trend started by Janette Lane, an artist and blogger from California.  

On her blog, Janet states that she created Pocket Letters™ as a new way to send letters to our new or existing penpals.  Basically, you fill all the pockets of a 9 pocket trading card protector and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you.    If you want to know more, there are photos and informational videos on her blog.   She also hosts a Facebook group -  Pocket Letter Pals where you can find loads of inspiration and new friends to trade with.

So, enough reading about it all, let's get to the photos!   Here is my very first pocket letter created and sent to my creative friend Phyllis.   We didn't set a theme, but knowing she loves ART and being creative, I went with that.  .  .

This is the front side of my pocket letter.

My pocket letter included coordinating designer papers by Basic Grey, stitching, stamping, ephemera, digital images, tags, envelopes and a variety of embellishments.

I also decorated the backside of my pocket letter and added more goodies.

And, then of course, you want to wrap it up all nice and purdy too!   I created a personalized tag and used kraft cardstock, washi tape, paper lace doilie and baker's twine.   Truth be told, you are supposed to be able to fit these into a standard #10 business envelope.   I chose to use a small 6 x 9 padded envelope instead to protect all the goodies.

Now, if you're interested in pocket letters
 and want to see the amazing coffee themed pocket letter
that Phyllis sent to me, come on back tomorrow!  

Be Happy & Be Creative!