April 26, 2007

1:1 Challenge 3: { The Story of the Card }

What a FUN mail day! Isn't this card FANTASTIC?
No, I'm not bragging about one of my own creations. :) I received this terrific card in the mail today from Donna (craftingcrazy) in Oregon. She and I just completed our third 1:1 Card Challenge and mailed our cards to each other on Monday. The one she made for me arrived today and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! I can't post a photo of the card I made and sent her until I know she's received it. (I don't want to spoil her surprise!)

Donna is *so* creative and she thought of this challenge idea. It works like the school project/game of writing a story... where after each sentence of the story you pass your paper to the next person for them to add their sentence to continue the story. We took turns giving directions for each step in creating and completing our cards.

These were our "RULES":
1. We each got 3 sentences/emails.
2. Donna started this with the color/size of the base card. That was the first of her 3 emails.
3. Each step was totally up for interpretation by the creator of the card. For example, if a step is to add a piece of patterned paper with blue and no dimensions are given, then you can do what ever you want with that piece of patterned paper. (big, little, round, square, punched etc.)
4. Each sentence has to be permanently complete. You can’t change your sentence after it moves to the next person. Example: you can't use temporary adhesive and move it later.
5. Each step should not be "too specific". Example: add a piece of black and white gingham ribbon.
6. After all 6 sentences and our cards are ready to mail, the creator can "optionally" add one last sentence to complete their card if they feel that it needs it for some reason. Example: we're all done and neither of us had a step for adding a sentiment.

Now, I'll tell you what each of our three sentences/emails were so you can see the steps we took in creating our cards:
1. Again, Donna started out by stating we should create a 5x7 RED card foldover
2. I came back with "you must stamp a background on at least 1/3 of your card front." This can be any color.
3. Donna: The addition of more color using designer background paper. No specific dimensions, but the added piece of paper must have 4 sides...and at least one of the sides must be cut "decoratively". (ie with fancy scissors, a punch or other tool you have that cuts a non-straight edge.) This paper must include the color "yellow" in it.
4. Pam: Add a sentiment or an image on cardstock that coordinates with the decorative paper you've chosen. You may use one or two other coordinating papers/cardstock to layer, if necessary.
5. Donna: It's time to accessorize! (or embellish). Step 5 includes 2 things. A punch and a piece of ribbon or fiber. Pretty wide open there! The only punch requirement is that it can't just be a 1/8 or 1/16 hold punch.
6. Pam: the last and final step for this card challenge... add one more finishing touch to your card! It can be another embellishment (i.e. tag, ribbon, brad, eyelet) or perhaps doodling, sewing, etc. Don't forget to stamp a sentiment on the inside and sign the back! : )

As soon as I know Donna has received the card I made for her, I will post a photo of it and you can see how our two cards compare! This was delightfully FUN and I recommend you try it with one of your stamping buddies! Smiles, Pam : )


Swamp Tulip said...

What a great swap idea and what a beautiful card. I can't wait to see the one you sent to Donna. You do such beautiful work.


Michele Kovack said...

This is a great card! Too pretty!

Unknown said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks so much for all your nice comments on my card! I just sent you an email. There's a package on my doorstep from you that says "Happy Birthday!", I don't know if your card is in there?! Should I open it? My birthday is a few days away!

Anonymous said...

What fun! You girls are so creative and this card is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the other one! Fun stuff!

BarbK said...

This is an excellent idea, Pam. I love the card here and can't wait to see what you created.