May 09, 2009

From Spice Rack to Embelli Rack!

My sister Susie and I love to go "junkin" and
today was our first outting of the garage sale season. It was pretty chilly...only in the 40's this morning when we started out, but we dressed warm and away we went!

There isn't much either one of us *needs*, but we are both obsessive collectors and our motto is "You just never know!" ...meaning we just never know what treasures we might find...even at the most unlikely places! There are times we've wanted to drive on by some sales, but we stop and end up finding the best deal of the day! :)

Susie is an avid reader and "book collector" and has thousands! They are all cataloged and neatly shelved in her home. Today, she found several more...most of them like new for .25-.50 each. I always drive and she reads the ads and navigates. We've both lived here all our lives, so we know our way around for the most part. Although today we never did find Gingerberry Drive. We knew it was in Berry Hill with all the other berry streets and we were on Hackberry, Mulberry and Blackberry, but apparently Gingerberry is a new one because it wasn't on our map! Oh well, we probably saved a few bucks by not finding it. :)

Where am I going with this story? Well, I want to tell you about my "find" of the day! I spotted this nice wooden spice rack with glass bottles and immediately thought of repurposing it for my embellishments! I've already dumped out all the spices, ran the bottles through the dishwasher, washed off the labels (with the help of goo-gone) and filled up the bottles with my clips, large brads, buttons, etc. Now I've got it on the shelf above my stamping table. Cool, huh? I thought about making labels for the bottles, but it really isn't necessary since you can easily see what's in them.

My "find" of the day...
I'm sure you're wondering if I bought anything else....well, I found a pair of denim capris for $1, taking a chance they would fit...and they did! :) I also bought a small americana quilt from a sweet gramma for $5. Good times! :)

Now, I really need to clean up my messy stamp room and then I'll post a few other cards that I made this past week for INK-A-PALOOZA at the Stamp Shack.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Please let me know if you have any ideas for other items that could be recycled like this. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Happy Weekend! Smiles...

Quote for the Day ~
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. ~Bo Derek


Nancy Riley said...

I love to go junkin' too! GREAT use for that spice rack! LOVE it!

Stamp and Smile said...

I LOVE going junkin' and treasure shopping too Pam!! Last Friday I went in the morning and found a couple fun items, not for my craft room, but for my hubby and selling on E-Bay!! Tis' the season.. great buy girl!! Now I need to find one... he! :)

Tami Bayer said...

Next weekend is the big yard sale weekend here. You got some great finds. Love the spice rack.

LeAnne said...

Gosh, Pam, I don't know how I missed this post! I got a spice rack like this last year at a yard sale, tried to use it for the same things....but all my embellishments smelled like oregano and garlic----seriously! Even after several washings! I just sold it at MY yard sale! :D I hope you have better luck! LOL! BTW, we just love yard saling!