April 23, 2011

Simply Fun Stamping with a Friend!

Hello Peeps! 
Happy Easter weekend everyone!   I've been going to share these photos with you all week, but have had some annoying neck/back issues going on and felt I better limit my time at the computer.  I'm on it all day at work so that doesn't help.   If any of you have any suggestions for what works for you, please let me know!   For one thing, I'm trying to remember to get up and stretch more often. 

As for the cards I'm posting today, these are the FUN designs my neighbor and friend Vicki and I made last weekend.    She also made a wedding card, but I forgot to get a photo of that one.  All of our cards were inspired by others.   It is the BEST source of inspiration!

I'm keeping it short and sweet today.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  Thanks so much for blogging by! 

Hugs & Smiles! 

~ Quote for Today ~
The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprise.
~Carl Knudsen

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