May 03, 2010

Scrap Day Photo

When you saw the title of my post you were probably thinking PAPER scraps, right?  :)  Well, that's not the case.  Actually, today I'm talking about steel, aluminum and computer scrap!  I work full time at a local steel company and Saturday was our 9th Annual Nucor-Vulcraft Scrap Day where anyone can bring scrap metal, old appliances, TV's, computers, etc and discard them for free.  This is done as a community service along with another local recycling company and it is amazing to see several TONS of old junk brought in each year!  They were paying .50/lb for aluminum cans so we saw numerous pickups and trailers full of cans.  My favorite photo of the day is the one below.  This kind gentleman brought out 2 loads like this.  I told him that he was proof ..."where there's a will, there's a way"!  He told me he doesn't drink, but he collects the cans from our roadside ditches.   Isn't that awesome?  I could have hugged him!  :)

If I had been thinking, I would have taken a photo of the lineup of cars, pickups with trailers, etc.  When we opened the gates at 8 a.m. the line was over a mile long and we logged about 450 vehicles through by noon.

And since I'm on a roll showing photos that have absolutely nothing to do with stamping and cardmaking, I thought I would show you a few photos I took yesterday while we were mowing and working in the yard.

Can you see the robin's nest in the fir tree?
 I almost missed it!
But, when I peeked inside,
look what I found . . .

I'm surprised momma robin wasn't squawking at us, but I didn't see her anywhere.  I'll have to go out and check on the nest later and see if there is any sign of life yet.

Next up is our "Indian Magic" flowering crab apple tree in the front yard.  I think we planted it almost 5 years ago and this is the first year it really looks like something.  It's still small and the wind has shaped it to one side, but I think it's so beautiful in bloom.

Last week was a very busy week and I didn't have much free time for cardmaking.  I've really missed it and hope to create a card or two this evening!   Stay tuned for Mercy's Sketch Challenge card tomorrow! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!    Have a wonderful week, my friends!

"Every day is Earth Day". ~Author Unknown


Marisa said...

LOVE that car picture!! What a wonderful man to be doing that for the environment and to think of all those littler bugs makes me want to take each one over my knee and let them know exactly what I think about their trash!! What a great idea to open it up once a year for people to bring their stuff in. Every little bit helps!

Never ceases to amaze me how nature adapts to us. Those eggs are a gorgeous colour. Hopefully you get some little cheeps from there soon :D

Your tree is gorgeous and the flowers even more so! Not to mention the beautiful day you were having!!

I'm on a stamping hiatus until I get about 300 Mother's Day cards done for stores - ugh! Craft area looks like hurricane Katrina came through and I'm not even done yet LOL! Enjoy some stamping for me :D

Sue from Oregon said...

Hey, here is Oregon cans are worth 5 or 10cents each due to our Green bill about 25 years ago. Cans are really worth their weight in gold! You don't see any on the roadsides!