December 02, 2008

Checking In!

My, oh my, the days are flying by! And I know I've been neglecting all of you, my blog and my stamping hobby!

I hope you've all had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. We certainly did! Our daughter was home from Hawaii with her fiance so that made it extra extra special. Our son and daughter-in-law were here and a few of their friends joined us too. Such good times and GREAT memories!

We all got together last Friday at a local pub to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers' exciting WIN over Colorado. GO BIG RED! Our daughter took this photo of us with her iphone and emailed it to me. Hubby and I both look really old and tired, but I thought I would share it with you anyway. :) The kids are SO much FUN to have around, but keep us up WAY too late!!!

Now, I need to get busy creating invitations to our sweet DIL Jami's graduation party on December 19th! She's graduating that day from Wayne State College and we're planning an open house here to celebrate. Some of you know Jami from her blog "Crazy Daisy Creations" and may wonder where she's been. She's very busy with her student teaching and all the homework that goes with it. Hopefully, she'll get back to stamping and blogging after graduation. I would *love* to host a card shower for her. If you're interested, please email me for her address.

Have a wonderful week! Smiles,

Thought for Today ~

Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.

A small town chamber of commerce once invited a man to address their annual banquet. The speaker was asked to be motivational, since the town’s economy had been bad that year and people were discouraged.

During his presentation, the speaker took a large piece of white paper and made a black dot in the center of it with a marking pen. He then held the paper up before the audience and asked, “What do you see?” One person replied, “I see a black dot.” The speaker said, “Fine. What else do you see?”

Others chimed in, “A black dot.” The speaker asked, “Don’t you see anything besides the dot?” The audience responded with a resounding “No!”

“But you’ve overlooked the most important thing,” the speaker replied. “You’ve missed seeing the sheet of paper!” He then went on to explain, “In our lives, we are often distracted by small, dot-like failures. They keep us from seeing the blessings, successes, and joys that are far more important than the disappointments that try to monopolize our energy and attention. I encourage all of us to focus on the big picture of what is right rather than the small view of what is wrong.”

Are we so preoccupied today with what is, that we’ve lost sight of what can be? Step back and see the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

HI Pam - My name is Paul Downs and I was born in Aurora - and grew up in Omaha. I now Live In San Jose, Ca. - I have to say that was an awesome game - Go BIG RED.
P.S. you guys don't look that old - Just stay a Husker and you'll always be young.
Paul Downs Life Long Husker

LeAnne said...

Well, I wondered if you fell off the face of the earth or what!! LOL! Glad you're living life and having fun, making memories with your family--can't wait to see your next creation!

Anonymous said...

I join you in not getting to my craft table since November! At some point I have to sit down and finish the Christmas cards! I loved inspirational story. I had forgotten that story. It is such a good one to remember.

Nancy Riley said...

GO BIG RED!!!! is right! My DH was jumpin' for joy over the big game!

Love your thought for the day .... ain't that the truth?!

btw ... you and DH do NOT look old and tired!!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Yay, Jami's graduating! How exciting! I will DEFINITELY send a card! :)

Anonymous said...

Pam - what a lovely, happy photo of you and hubby :-)

Really great to see! Maybe you should post them more often!! ;-)