October 12, 2008

Edit to Previous Post: I'm Frightfully Forgetful!

I am so forgetful these days! Yesterday, I told you what my sister and I found while we were out junkin and I said I didn't find anything exciting. I had put the little box in my purse and forgot all about it until this morning. Geez! These earrings were my best find of the day, how did I forget them?!

This is the style of earrings that I like to wear and the type that I want to try to design myself. Sorry, I know my photo isn't the best. The stones are a pretty amber color...maybe a yellow topaz? :) They look like sterling silver, but I'm not sure. Anyway, better than that...the back is stamped with the designer and they are from the Bead co. in Downtown Sioux Falls, SD. I had to check out their website at www.bead-co.com and does it ever look like a FUN place to shop! Now I can't wait for our next trip up to Sx Falls! :)

Just had to share...that's all for now. Thank U so much for stopping by today...have a super Sunday everyone!

P.S. To my blog-reading friend GAYLE, thank you so much for your sweet comments. Please send me an email or leave your blog address so I can visit your blog. I would love to see your autumn photos. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Pam! I saw my name on your blog! You can find me at:
The moma is spelled a bit differently which makes me easier to find for search engines. You can type in mountainmoma and I pop up. I also make cards and post them but they are not near as lovely as yours! My blog is mostly about sweet simple things I love. On Sundays I link up and do a Sacred Life Sunday post. Stop on by, I'd love to have you for a visit!